English Homework Right before Macbeth is about to kill King Duncan and take his place. Macbeth feels guilt and questions himself as Duncan is his friend. On the other hand Macbeth also thinks of his ‘dark deep desires’ this is him killing King Duncan to take his place which was partly due to his ambition […]

Macbeth act 1 scene 4 Macbeth ‘stars hide your fires let not light see my black deep desires’ Macbeth wants to take the kings place by having to assassinate him. This is his ‘black deep desire’ so he wants God ‘stars’ to ‘hide their fires’ which means God cannot see this happen,it can also mean […]

Pip grows older and is now years old.During one rainy night,pip hears footsteps outside his apartment.Outside is an old man who pip finds out that the man is Pip’s convict.The man tells pip about is story and how he made a great amount of money in his time in Australia from being a shepeard .The […]

Chapter 19- Pip is getting a suit from a tailor and comforts Joe forcefully due to hime leaving, Biddy however notices this and critisizes him.He is now heading out for london but he visits the Satis house one more time which makes Pip think that Miss Havisham is the benefactor Chapter 20-Pip is in london […]

Chapter 27-Joe come to London to see Pip and Pip Does not want to see him as he may affect his lifestyle.Joe tell Pip that Estella has returned to the Satis house and Pip changes his hate towards him. Chapter 28-Going back to see Joe and Estella. Pip shares a coach with some convicts one […]

Chapter 36- It’s Pip’s 21st Birthday meaning he is now a adult this means that he now thinks that Jagger’s can tell him who is giving him the money, Mr Jagger’s however aware of Pip’s debts,so he then gives a bank note worth five hundred pounds,this however is only once per year and Mr Jagger’s […]